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Newest Liquidations

New liquidations starting this month.

Newest Liquidations
Executive offices include:
Knoll Morison
Haworth Places
Newest Liquidations
Systems furniture:
Steelcase Avenir
Steelcase 9000
Newest Liquidations

Current lead time from contract to delivery for furniture systems is: Less than 2.5

Newest Liquidations

Current lead time for Seating, Executive Sets and Filing is: Less than two week

Why Buy Used?


Companies buy used office furniture for the same reasons that families buy used cars instead of new ones. You can get a much better quality product for much less money.

As with cars, new furniture loses more than a third of its value the first month it is put into use and almost half its value within one year. The manufacturers and the dealers they work with all have high overhead and operating costs that must be factored into the price of new furniture.

By selling used furniture, we leave all those expenses with the furniture’s original owner, passing huge cost savings and great furniture on to you.


Better products are sometimes difficult to identify in a new furniture show room. Under specialized lighting in controlled conditions, many products appear indistinguishable. Not so with used, out of thousands of offices we liquidate every month, only a small fraction wind up as products we will sell.

Some of the big box office stores sell new furniture for very low prices. They can charge such low prices because they are selling cheaper goods.


All business today face challenges in our relationship with the planet we live on. Most individuals will chose to do the right thing by the environment when given the chance.

New office furniture production is intensive in its use of fossil fuels, raw materials and waste. Buying and installing pre-owned furniture eliminates over 90% of the environmental impact associated with the material inputs, production and distribution of office equipment.

Choosing to buy pre-owned office furniture will be one of the most important environmental decisions you will make for your business.

Some companies include their purchase of used furniture, vehicles or equipment in their environmental impact planning and marketing.

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